Books or Movies: Which One is Objectively Better and Which is Trash? by Weston Sheffield



books-moviesMany fans of certain books will hope that a film could one day be adapted from its pages. They can picture how the scenes, characters, and settings would all be in live-action on a big screen. But then the vision turns sour. Many plot points, characters, and pieces of dialogue they loved in the book will be kept out of the movie. Why even adapt books then, when they are so obviously superior to movies? I’ll go into the individual strengths that they each have, and by the end it will be clear which is better and more deserving to be preserved during the oncoming nuclear apocalypse.

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Lego Dimensions Pirtal 2 World

Ok, in Lego Dimensions, there is a portal 2 world only accessible if you have the Portal 2 level pack. There is a wall with a grapple gun puller that you need Batman to pull down. Behind the wall is a small room. When you walk into it, GLaDoS says to disregard any scrawlings on the wall because some test subjects had gone insane. Here’s the art from the walls:

I think this is a human/ angel conpanion cube.

This is a winged test subject/ angel being watched by GLaDoS. The words at the bottom say, “SHE’S WATCHING YOU.”